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'Get me out of here!' ebook

Elisa Singh -Teulings is an Author, International public speaker and therapist, born in the Netherlands.

She lives with her Indian husband, Lokesh Singh and her three children in a small village in the Netherlands.

Through her books and lectures she shares her impressive life story. To fight against child abuse and to give the children a voice.

‘Get me out of here!’ is a tribute to the brave little girl inside her and to all children who are suffering from child abuse! 


'Based on a true story about a little girl who lived in a horror foster home, a childhood full of abuse and neglect. Will she ever escape the hell she lives in... '


'In the book you taste the child's despair and powerlessness. You experience the hope of a miraculous escape that never seems to come.

Finally, you are left with a sense of admiration for Elisa's power. " - John de Kok, Journalist


'True and very personal. An impressive story about growing up in a foster home.

I read the book with tears in my eyes and sometimes goosebumps on my arms in one go. ' - Reader review, 


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