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Elisa is regularly invited to speak to corporations, universities, private organizations and make public appearances.

Her motivational talks focus on overcoming childhood trauma's, mental health, and more… If you have an event that you would like Elisa to consider, please reach out via the contact form below and we will be in touch.

About Elisa


My name is Elisa Singh-Teulings, married to Lokesh Singh, mother of three wonderful children, author, therapist and public speaker.


As a young girl at the age of 5, I ended up in a violent foster home and got abused and neglected for almost seven years. 

During these horrible years, I developed the passion to reach out to children in need.

I share my story so these children understand that they are not alone, there is always someone who can help you.


In 2014 I got a small lacunar brain attack, I stopped working and felt burned out. 

My childhood trauma's taunted me and to deal with them, I started to write a part of my life story down. 

In 2016 I published my book 'Haal mij hier weg!' ('Get me out of here!') Since then I got a lot of messages from people who got inspired and felt touched by my story. 

Readers started to ask me if I could help them with overcoming their trauma's. 


That was the beginning of my practice Happy & Zen.

Where I help you get in peace and balance with your trauma's, finding happiness and love within yourself.

Learn how to beat insecurity and fears, which are stopping you from living your most beautiful life!


When someone asks me if I hate my foster parents for what they did to me, I always smile and answer: ' I am grateful for all of the lessons in my life, it is because of those I became the woman I am today. I am strong, loving and caring, I will fight against injustice and help whoever is in need. Without my life experiences I would never be able to stay strong while my oldest son suffered from a rare blood disease FLH, similar to Leukemia (Cancer).'


One year after giving birth to my youngest child, my oldest son (5 years at the time) got diagnosed with this rare and life threatening disease.

Chemotherapy, Bone marrow transplant and a double lung transplant gave him a chance at a longer life.

This period was extremely hard, I was a single mother of three young children, the father of the kids and I got divorced right after the diagnosis.

I was on my own with my kids and had to stay strong for them.

My son's life was in danger, he almost died three times, we even arranged his funeral. 

 The pain of seeing my son suffering and fighting for his life was the hardest thing to witness, I felt so powerless and all I could do was pray to God and stay positive.

But his fighter spirit kept me standing during this all. 

And with the blessing gift of donor lungs, he is now a happy teenage boy living his life. 


In 2018, I got married to an amazing man, he is my  true inspiration and personal guru, love of my life, Lokesh Singh!

After years of living in fears and pain, I finally can say that I found happiness and love in my life, I feel blessed!

And I wish for everyone to find it!

That is why I speak around the world to inspire others with my story, to encourage them to stand for themselves, believe and be proud of who we are!


 To quote Carl Gustav Jung :

'I am not what happened to  me,

I am what I choose to become.'



Media & Events

Till now Elisa gave interviews to newspapers, magazines and on national television in Europe.

 If you want to know more, just click the button below and watch her first television interview above.


For international news and interviews, just hold on a little longer because something very exciting is about to happen.

Elisa is going to India to participate at the Miss and Mrs Brand Ambassador Celeste. 

This amazing event will be in march 2020 at Zee studios Jaipur.

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